“Thank you again Yulia Kosarenko for the very informative presentation today. I certainly learned a lot more about the profession of a BA and look forward to future webinars!”

Simon Crisci (Student ─ Information Strategy & Management, France)

“…As a Business Analyst I appreciate a lot your high quality posts on LinkedIn… Currently I’m cramming before the CBAP exam and I find your posts very helpful to understand the BA mindset and attitude. Keep going Yulia feeding us…

Abdelkader Ayed (Project Manager / Insurance & Banking Senior Business Analyst, France)

“As guest speaker for our local IIBA virtual chapter meeting, Yulia shared in her typical actionable insightful manner. Her authentic, personable style inspires a confident “Yes! I can try that!” as she introduces new concepts into traditional business analysis practices.…

Jodie Kane (IIBA Philadelphia Chapter, U.S.)

“I really enjoyed the webinar yesterday. I found it really useful and it actually reinforced the idea that business analysis is definitely for me!”

Giovanni Della Vecchia (Mathematician and Mechanical Engineer, U.K.)

“Taking part in your webinar sessions really helps me to focus on what is important in my job as a BA.”

Sevim Obrist (Business Analyst, Switzerland)

“Yulia, your mission & objective is clear: share and spread useful tips and information to help other business analysts work better and improve their knowledge. In my opinion, your way to conduct the webinars is the only one that works…

Valeria Porcelli (Business Analyst, Italy)

“Firstly I would like to express my gratitude to Yulia Kosarenko for the great webinar series! Every session just went smoothly, with her accommodating our curiosity and encouraging us to actively participate.I have learned some of the business process tools…

Hans Wibisono Sutikno (Student ─ Business Administration & Management, Indonesia)
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