Analysis techniques, business architecture and analysis models, and the principles of the BA mindset are for all professionals involved in creating solutions to business problems.

BA Mindset Video #10: Be Part of the Solution

What’s the role of a BA once business requirements have been analyzed and captured? Business analysts play a key role in the development and roll-out of the product. This video identifies BA activities throughout the solution life cycle.

BA Mindset Video #7: Simplify Until Nothing Can Be Removed

What happens when we automate the existing process? We risk baking a suboptimal process into software and cementing the inefficiencies. First optimize, then automate. This video reviews a key role that business analysts play in improving and simplifying business processes.

“As guest speaker for our local IIBA virtual chapter meeting, Yulia shared in her typical actionable insightful manner. Her authentic, personable style inspires a confident “Yes! I can try that!” as she introduces new concepts into traditional business analysis practices. She has a way of getting people to think bigger and take action. We’ll invite her back again!”