Business architecture and analysis consulting, corporate training and project health clinics by Yulia Kosarenko, author of "Business Analyst: a Profession and a Mindset"

BA Mindset Video #10: Be Part of the Solution

What’s the role of a BA once business requirements have been analyzed and captured? Business analysts play a key role in the development and roll-out of the product. This video identifies BA activities throughout the solution life cycle.

This is by far the best video I I’ve watched on resume prep. Thank you very much Yulia.

“Yulia helped me chart out realistic and practical tools and resources to use in my BA journey. I enjoyed her flexibility and her straightforward approach in our sessions. She can quickly decipher your current state and wouldn’t hesitate to tell you right then and there if your approach is wrong in a tactful manner. She also wouldn’t hesitate to bring to attention your positive traits and offer support.  Her passion for the craft is palpable and it leaves you motivated to do your best.”

“Yulia, your mission & objective is clear: share and spread useful tips and information to help other business analysts work better and improve their knowledge. In my opinion, your way to conduct the webinars is the only one that works 😉. Impossible not to be active in your webinars!”

Yulia is an incredible professional with amazing insights to help you understand, connect and learn a variety of business fundamentals and curriculum. I would choose Yulia at Why Change Consulting over any and every competitive training platform; you really can’t put a price tag on a human connection.