Business analyst: a profession and a mindset  (published May 2019)

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What does it mean to be a business analyst? What would you do every day? How will you bring value to your clients? And most importantly, what makes a business analyst exceptional? This book will answer your questions about this challenging career choice through the prism of the business analyst mindset — a concept developed by the author, and its twelve principles demonstrated through many case study examples.

“Business analyst: a profession and a mindset” is a structurally rich read with over 90 figures, tables and models. It offers you more than just techniques and methodologies. It encourages you to understand people and their behaviour as the key to solving business problems.

Analyste d’affaires : la profession et l’état d’esprit (published September 2020)

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Business Analyst Mindset Digital Toolkit (published August 2020)

This digital toolkit is a visually rich resource for business analysts, project managers, and anyone implementing business change. Built around the principles of the business analyst mindset, it is formatted as poster-style pages to use as daily reminders or checklists for professionals and centers of excellence. Tips on analyzing business problems, managing change and stakeholders are supported by cartoons, diagrams, and models.

The toolkit includes a recap of business analysis fundamentals and offers links to the curated learning resources and videos from the author and other authoritative sources in one place.

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