Consulting Services

Yulia Kosarenko is the principal consultant and founder of Why Change Consulting Inc. She is a practitioner with more than 25 years experience bringing business and technology together, speaker, trainer and expert facilitator.

Strategy & Business Architecture

Strategic advisory & roadmap development: articulate, capture and communicate the strategy; facilitate roadmap definition and detailed views with executive stakeholders.

Business capability modelling: define and visualize organization’s business capability model: from key capabilities to process groups and business processes.

Target operating model: facilitate the development of the target operating model for the organization.

Knowledge management: plan and initiate a knowledge management program.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation roadmap: design a plan to achieve strategic goals through subsequent phases of digital transformation.

Scoping & user journey mapping: facilitate workshops and focus groups for intelligent initiative scoping; define and visualize user journey maps to facilitate initiative planning.

RFP/RFI support: define high-level needs and business requirements, priorities and success metrics for solution option evaluation.

Candidate screening, interviews & hiring tests: support organization’s hiring needs in business architecture and business analysis job family space; design and conduct hiring tests and interviews.

Business Analysis Centre of Excellence: establish a COE, methodologies, processes and shared repositories to elevate business analysis function in an organization; promote business analyst mindset and best practices.

Project Initiation

Solution architecture blueprint: provide templates and facilitate development of a solution blueprint; map architecture components to key requirements.

Product breakdown structure: facilitate workshops with key stakeholders; capture and visualize the product breakdown to facilitate planning.

Requirements management plan: create a plan to fit with organization’s methodology and product structure; onboard business analysts and allocate analysis work.

Stakeholder training: design and conduct training to optimize stakeholder engagement (product design, business data givernance, understanding requirements process).

Workshop facilitation: provide facilitation on-demand.

Project Health

Scope & context validation clinic: review, validate and adjust initiative scope; identify and validate impacted components to avoid scope creep, gaps and risks from missed requirements.

Requirements clinic: conduct requirements reviews at the beginning and during the project to identify potential gaps, conflicts and other requirements risks; support project teams during business analysis resource challenges.

Concept & data modelling: capture, describe and model business concepts and data to ensure accurate understanding of the business and support data governance.

On-the-job mentoring: provide peer support and mentoring to business analysts, including training as required.

Communication advisory: design and support project communication plans, activities, and communication artifacts.

Corporate Training

Business Analysis in One Day: business analysis process, outcomes, deliverables; tools & techniques; agile fundamentals; BA mindset. Junior to Intermediate level; suitable for business sponsors and SMEs as preparation for business analysis activities.

Business Analysis Planning Workshop: Identify project goals, stakeholder needs and project methodology; plan business analysis process and activities for a new initiative.

Data Management for Business Analysts: types and sources of data, data lifecycle requirements; data analysis techniques overview; introduction to business analytics. Intermediate level, can be combined with advanced training (Day 2).

Data Management Advanced (Day 2): data modelling, data definition, metadata, mapping; data analysis techniques; analytics requirements. Can be customized to organization’s needs, industry terminology and concepts.

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