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The business analyst mindset is a way of seeing, thinking and reasoning that supports business analyst in doing the best possible job of analyzing and solving business problems.

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Principles of the BA Mindset from the book Business analyst: a profession and a mindset (download PDF)

The BA mindset drives business analysts’ motivation and behaviour, especially in challenging professional situations. The most successful business analysts have the mindset focused on achieving a shared understanding of business problems and requirements. 

What do we need to do to achieve this outcome? It’s not enough to understand business problems ― we need to share this understanding with everyone on the team. We use our business analyst mindset to find the right approach to deal with different agendas and interests and the best way to communicate to different audiences.

We start with the discovery of the real problem and true business needs, and only then discuss potential solutions. First, we gather the information and seek to understand our customer ― then we can help them build the vision of the solution, the requirements. We take responsibility for the success of the complete solution, analyze the gaps, and are not afraid to be the devil’s advocate when the situation calls for it.


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