Why Write a Book About Business Analysis?

Finally, I’ve completed my long-time project and published a book! “Business analyst: a profession and a mindset” is now available as a digital book on Kobo and Amazon Kindle platforms. Why did I decide to write a book? And why about business analysis?

First of all – because I believe business analysis is essential for any business change to be successful. But also, as someone said to me just the other day, because business analysts are sometimes under-appreciated, and their contribution under-valued.

Business analysts are not the “people who documents stuff” or “people who run meetings and do other things”. They are the “people who analyze” and “people who seek to understand why“. This is the most valuable part of business analysis. If we don’t understand why, we will not be able to see what the true business requirements are. Understanding business needs comes first, then the requirements can be born out of that understanding.

So what is the business analyst mindset? This mindset drives us to understand why is a change required, why things are not working today, and what are the real problems and business needs. The business analyst mindset tells us to analyze, not just to document. And to promote this concept and share with you why I think that way, I decided to write this book. More to come!

Kobo reflowable EPUB edition:


Amazon Kindle print replica edition (PDF)

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