The Biggest Resume Mistake

There may be a few reasons why your resume is not getting you any interviews. From muddy language to generic sentences to bad design, from unclear goals to failing to demonstrate relevant skills. Business analyst or not, this previous post provides a checklist of common resume mistakes to avoid.

Now let’s talk about the biggest mistake – misrepresenting yourself on your resume.

It can hurt your chances badly. It can put you on a blacklist with recruiters. And even if you manage to get the job, you may be dismissed without notice once the truth comes out.

In this day and age, it is very easy to check anyone’s background. You leave electronic traces wherever you go. Previous employers have your records. Recruiters have your profile in their databases. Anyone can “google” you. The internet never forgets.

Instead of faking experiences and skills, put that energy into developing the skills, gaining knowledge and experience, regardless of your current job. This video will give you a few ideas how, with specific examples related to business analysis.

Get that next job on merit.

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