Top Ten Why Change Posts in 2021 — Models, Tools, and the BA Mindset

lined up pencils with the title Why Change: top ten of 2021

In 2021, I wrote on many topics on the Why Change blog – about the BA mindset, business analysis pitfalls, what business analysts need to know about data, and career advice. But the most popular posts this year were overwhelmingly of the “how-to” nature — in particular, how to create various business models and diagrams, and which business analysis tools and techniques to use.

Here are the top ten posts of 2021:

  1. A Context Model in 5 Minutes
  2. How To Create a Conceptual Data Model
  3. Succeed in Business Analysis – with a Mindset
  4. Expanding the Use of a Use Case Diagram
  5. Business Architecture Modelling Basics
  6. Modelling Best Practices: Conciseness
  7. How to Create Decision Trees for Business Rules Analysis
  8. Business Analysis Tools and Techniques
  9. Ten Business Analyst Resume Mistakes
  10. The Best Reskilling Opportunities are Closer Than You Think

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