Effective BA Practice Day 6: Develop the BA Mindset

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In the previous post about requirements management, I suggested we start with “acknowledging the importance of business analysis”.  But is it really that important? What’s the big deal? Just write down what is required – how hard can it be?

There is a special ingredient required for quality business analysis: BA Mindset.

This is what adds real value to managing enterprise change.

The mindset is crucial for a business analyst’s success.

The drive to solve the right problem, to understand the “why”.

Figuring out stakeholder motivations and navigating them.

The ability to simplify what’s complicated.

Seeing the forest behind the trees.

Getting the big picture and creating a shared understanding of it.

Business analysts must be flexible and adaptable as they constantly deal with human beings in situations of discomfort.

Conducting business analysis may be new and different from day-to-day activities.

Investigating root cause analysis of a problem can be unpleasant or disturbing.

Defining requirements for a future solution can feel intimidating.

Making decisions that impact other people can become too much to handle.

Some requirements discussions can expose old grievances or previous unwise decisions.

Navigating this tangle of information and hidden emotions requires a special approach and a business analyst mindset.

Yes, business analysts have to apply logic and structured techniques. But it’s not sufficient.

They also have to adapt, negotiate, influence, and take emotions into account.

They have to listen to what is said, what it really means, and what is not being said.

And this is both a science and an art.

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