Top Ten Videos on Why Change Channel

With the rise of video platforms, many of us discovered that short videos run on demand are a great complement to your learning.

The Why Change Channel offers videos for business analysts and anyone involved in business analysis and enterprise change. Videos are grouped in playlists:

Here are the top ten most popular videos:

  1. Business Analysis Tools & Techniques (webinar)
  2. How to create a conceptual data model
  3. Business Analysis Techniques – Process Analysis
  4. Context Model in 5 Minutes
  5. Understand Business Analysis Process (webinar)
  6. Business Analyst Resume Mistakes
  7. What Business Analysts Need to Know About Data
  8. Choose the Right Words for Your Business Analyst Resume
  9. Business Analysis Outcomes & Deliverables (webinar)
  10. Is Business Analysis For You?

If you want to better understand the BA Mindset, start here:

If you are interested in running effective projects, this video will help you prepare:

Finally, here is a video to help you advocate for developing a BA practice:

Top ten

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