Top Ten Why Change Posts in 2022: BA Tools, Interview Questions, and BA Mindset

It is no surprise that how-to articles are the most searched. We reach out to the knowledge online when we need to find new information or learn something.

I created this blog to provide helpful resources for business analysts and leaders. Here are the most popular posts of 2022.

Top articles about BA tools and business modelling (most articles include a video link at the end):

A Context Model in 5 Minutes

How to Create a Conceptual Data Model

Expanding the Use of a Use Case Diagram

How to Create Decision Trees for Business Rules Analysis

Business Analysis Tools and Techniques Everyone Should Know

BA interview questions – tips and how to prepare:

How Do You Gather Requirements? — Trick Interview Questions

Why Do You Want To Be a Business Analyst? — Interview Questions

Why Should We Hire You? — Interview Questions

What is the BA mindset, and how to use its principles to improve business analysis outcomes:

Succeed in Business Analysis – With a Mindset

The BA Mindset Means Taking Responsibility for Thinking

In 2022, the Why Change blog expanded to provide resources for business analysis and product development leaders. In particular, a new reading list was added about developing effective BA practices.

Recent popular posts from this category:

How to Build a Mature Business Analysis Practice

How to Foster BA Mindset in Your Organization: Invest in People, Culture, and Skills

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