BA Mindset Mentorship Circle: Tuesday Study Groups

After the first successful meetup, with members joining from many countries and time zones, we are strong enough to split into two groups.

Starting May 9, a new time slot opened for the BA Mindset Mentorship Circle: Tuesdays 12–1 pm EST. If you wanted to join but 8–9 am time did not work for you, this could be a better option:

“Coffee Cup Group”: Tuesdays at 8-9 am EST (1-2 pm GMT)

“Teacup Group”: Tuesdays at 12-1 pm EST (4-5 pm GMT, 9-10 am PST)

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Want to know what we are doing?

In our first meeting, we worked on the decision tables:

  • when to use them
  • how are they constructed
  • how to fill them in
  • learning the jargon e.g. what is a “hit policy”

The next topic was building a BA portfolio for successful interviews:

When you register, you get access to the member zone with all the video recordings and additional resources and downloads. This includes previous meetups, so if you join today, you can go back and access all the videos recorded earlier.

Join our circle for a hands-on business analysis learning experience!

More information: BA Mindset Mentorship Circle Launch.

Register (monthly as-you-go payments) – May discount is still available.

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