Can You Spot Common Resume Mistakes?

At our next BA Mindset Mentorship Circle meetup on May 30th, we will have a treasure hunt — analyzing a sample resume and looking for mistakes and areas of improvement.

When you are job hunting, a resume is your promo and your business card. Learning how to make it excellent is always a good idea.

It’s even more important for business analysts — your resume becomes a reflection of the quality that can be expected of your BA artifacts.

If you tell me that you are good at written communication, but your resume is difficult to read, I will not believe you.

If you say that you have created high-quality diagrams for your projects, but your resume lacks organization and structure, I will pass.

If your resume is full of fluff, then I will think the same of you.

If you want to join our little treasure hunt and discover how to improve and polish your resume, join our next meetup and become a member of the BA Mindset Mentorship Circle to elevate your BA skills.

We meet every Tuesday at 8–9 am as 12–1 pm EST.

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More details: BA Mindset Circle: What Are We Up to in June

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