BA Mindset Mentorship Circle — July Program

The first two months of our BA Mindset circle have been quite successful and flew buy. We’ve expanded to two time slots to accommodate participants from different time zones – from Australia to Ukraine, from Saudi Arabia to the U.S. and Canada.

Each month we hold a vote for next month’s topics, with topics suggested or discovered as we tackle one business challenge after another in our meetups.

This is what we explored in May and June:

  • Decision tables.
  • How to build a BA portfolio for interviews.
  • User story mapping.
  • Resume mistakes.
  • Business analysis planning & business use cases
  • Role of BA in project life cycle
  • How to review requirements with stakeholders
  • What does it mean to be a Senior BA

Here is the plan for July:

July 4: Structured data and using SQL

July 11: How to challenge a requirement

July 18: How to improve communication with stakeholders

July 25: Storyboarding

How does the membership works?

We meet weekly to discuss our selected topic. This part is recorded — members can access all the recordings and supplementary materials in the member zone. Then, we talk about other challenges, discuss future topics, and get to know each other. Anyone can bring up a particular problem they are facing at work, to get feedback and new ideas.

I run this as a community — with a discussion forum and listening to members’ preferences and suggestions. My job is to encourage, share knowledge, and motivate the participants to learn and explore different aspects of business analysis discipline.

We talk about career development — from resume building to taking on more responsibility at work, to the future career path. Each meetup includes new ideas about business analysis artifacts that the participants can create and add to their professional portfolios.

If you want to get a feel of our discussions, check out my latest video shorts about the mentorship circle topics.

Why Do You Need a Professional Portfolio?

How Do You Plan Requirements Analysis?

Can You Spot Common Resume Mistakes?

Should You Keep Your Resume Updated?

What Business Analysts Do At  Each Phase Of The Project? Let’s Talk

How To Review Requirements With Stakeholders: Learn With the BA Mindset Circle

What’s next:

The meetups will continue to the end of July, and then resume in September. Whenever you join, you still get access to the past meeting recordings and can catch up with previous conversations.

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