Expand Your Business Analysis Techniques with Templates and Downloads

If you are reading and learning about business analysis techniques but are still unsure how to go about it, a template may be the answer.

Sometimes we go over theory and feel we understand the why’s behind it, but it still does not explain – what do I actually need to do?

That’s when templates are handy. They don’t replace the need to understand the process of business analysis, the best practices of facilitation, or how to ask the right questions.

Templates are a shortcut to getting started.

A useful crutch that says:

“Here, start from this point, and keep going.

Make changes if you need to.

Remove the parts that don’t apply.

If there is a part of the template that you don’t understand – research it.

Once you are understand its purpose, use it and assess how it works.

Feel free to update it based on lesson you learned.

Make it into your own template that works with your analysis style or your company’s methodology.”

Templates are to be used and adapted.

Are you at a point where you want something you can use right away because starting from a blank page, canvas or empty spreadsheet tab is intimidating?

Here are the templates I have for you. Some are free, the rest are priced very low. If you are worried about spending money, think about your hourly rate and how much time you can save with templates.

Do the math, and if the math works out, here is the selection.

FREE Business Analyst Mindset — 12 Principles Poster (PDF)

Available in English and French.

More resources about the BA Mindset.

FREE Business Analysis Interview Prep Handouts

Two free handouts to help you prepare for the BA interview:

  • BA Interview Questions (2 pages)
  • BA Professional Portfolio (1 page checklist ) — here is a sample:

For more resources, go to the Career section of the Why Change blog or this Career playlist on YouTube.

FREE Business Use Case Diagram Template

Business use case diagrams are suitable for all audiences.

The templates include actor stencils, tips and tricks as well as a sample diagram:

Available in PowerPoint and Visio.

To learn more about use case diagrams:

Expanding the Use of a Use Case Diagram

Use Case Diagrams and How To Use Them

How to Create Business Use Case Diagrams

Process and Root Cause Analysis

Three handouts and a template with practical instructions, checklists, tips, and examples covering the following topics:

  • Process analysis (4 pages)
  • Process flow diagrams (3 pages)
  • Root cause analysis (4 pages)
  • Root cause analysis example (PowerPoint)

For more learning resources:

Business Analysis Techniques – Process Analysis

Automating Suboptimal Processes

Requirements Management Handouts

Five handouts with practical instructions, checklists, tips, and examples covering the following topics:

  • Discovery and asking open-ended questions (2 pages)
  • Capturing business requirements (10 pages)
  • Packaging business requirements (5 pages)
  • Business vs system requirements (2 pages)
  • Requirements quality criteria (2 pages)

For more learning resources:

Business Analysis Tools & Techniques (UPDATED)

Business Analysis Outcomes & Deliverables (UPDATED)

How to Manage, Share and Reuse Requirements

Data in Business Analysis

Data management fundamentals for business analysts — handouts, resources and templates:

  • Data Types & Requirements Basics (7 pages)
  • Data analysis resources (1 page)
  • Data dictionary template — Excel
  • Data mapping template — Excel

Other resources:

What Business Analysts Need to Know About Data

What Business Analysts Need to Know About Data (video)

Data Analysis in Business Analysis

How to create a conceptual data model (video)

Common Beginner’s ERD Mistakes (video)

Business Analysis in Agile

Handouts and resources to support transition to business analysis in agile context — include checklists, tips, examples and templates:

  • Transition to Agile BA Role (5 pages)
  • Backlog structure and user story mapping (5 pages)
  • Agile planning (5 pages)
  • Development-ready stories (3 pages)
  • User story map template – PowerPoint (1 slide)
  • User story catalogue — Excel template

If you are looking for a more systematic learning plan, explore my video course Business Analysis for Professionals Changing Careers.

For group training, view available corporate training programs and reach out to me directly to discuss your training needs.

Please share your thoughts!

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