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What’s interview coaching? It’s practicing with a coach to polish your interview skills, recognize your challenges and learn how to avoid common mistakes.

You may have all the right qualifications and skills and still have trouble presenting them in the best light.

Your resume may be all right and you get invited for interview after interview, but for some reason never get the offer.

When you are changing careers, you may be unsure how to explain it to the interviewer.

If you had a career gap, you are wondering what to say or not to say about it.

Sometimes, you just don’t know how you look and sound in an interview.

If you have been with the same company for a long time, you may be completely out of practice and find the whole process of interviewing intimidating.

You may be worried about unexpected questions. Even after reading dozens of articles, you may still be unclear about what would these questions sound like, and whether you would end up freezing and fumbling for answers.

Should you prepare? Should you practice?  Definitely, yes.

I’ve been doing a fair amount of business analysis and career coaching in the last few years and have seen the same questions come up, the same mistakes and the same confusion.

I realized that a lot of my feedback and advice apply to at least 80% of candidates.

While preparing candidates for business analysis interviews, I created more resources and videos after observing their struggles and the areas that always seem to need the most help.

Now, all this experience is included in my new video course Interview Prep Clinic (with BA extras).

What you get:

☑️ More than 2 hours of recorded lessons

☑️ Assignments, handouts, and extra resources for BA’s

☑️ 1 year of unlimited access

☑️ Practice as much as you need, at your own pace

Promo code for 20% for the first 50 enrollments: yulia-spring-20. Register here.

What to expect from the course? Here is the overview in this video:

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