Why Change Consulting: Three Years

Solopreneurs’ days can be hectic and unpredictable. The volume of work swings from crazy to an occasional lull, although lulls are rare when you have a pipeline of content ideas to develop.

While taking care of clients and deadlines, it’s important to take breaks and celebrate accomplishments. So I want to take a moment and celebrate a milestone – 3 years since I started my company, Why Change Consulting. Time flew by, with the world adapting to the pandemic in the background – so what was accomplished in these 3 years?

why-change.com website became an established source of business analysis resources. Along with its sister publication “Business, Architected” on Medium, it developed into a library of resources with its own following. My articles also appeared in popular publications such as Modern Analyst, BA Digest, Data Management University and Data Driven Investor.

BA Mindset concept is now broadly accepted and talked about in conferences and industry events. After publishing Business Analyst: A Profession and a Mindset I’ve been talking about the business analyst mindset in webinars, conferences and articles, and created many free resources for sharing.

Why Change Academy now hosts several video courses and BA Marathon classes. Last year, this generated 3,000 CAD of charitable donations towards humanitarian help for Ukraine.

Why Change YouTube channel grew to 2.8K subscribers and currently offers 67 videos. I’ve been invited as a guest speaker to popular podcasts and live streams such as Business Analysis Live! and The Optimistic Bites: Top 10 Business Analysts.

I’ve developed and delivered several corporate training programs and worked with many corporate clients to help them mature their Enterprise Architecture and Business Analysis practices.

I strongly believe that a mature BA practice plays a critical role in the ability of an enterprise to implement change. So I created a series of articles and videos about building successful BA practices, as well as a BA Talent Management playbook for companies and BA leaders.

For the last three years, I provided one-on-one coaching in business analysis core skills, portfolio building and career development to many practicing and aspiring business analysts. This coaching experience also helped me create a new popular course Job Interview Clinic (with BA extras). Along with that, I developed various handouts and download packages that I offer as digital products.

With more than 30 speaking topics, I presented at dozens of conferences and Business Analysis Development Days.

I also share my experience of running my own business in the Solopreneur’s Journey publication on Medium.

What’s next?

I will be further developing my training modules and playbooks with an emphasis on:

  • BA Mindset
  • Data management and analytics skills for business analysts
  • BA talent management.

I will continue working with corporate clients to develop their EA and business architecture artifacts to support digital transformation planning and analysis.

My BA Practice development services include:

  • requirements clinics
  • workshop facilitation
  • business analysis team coaching
  • BA talent management.

If I mentioned anything that is of interest to your team or organization right now, reach out to me to discuss your needs and how I can be of service.

Wishing you to implement successful business change that helps your organization grow and succeed,


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