BA Job Interviews: How To Be Memorable

You have an interview for a business analysis position. Do you want to come out of it as the most memorable candidate? To stand out from a lineup? Here are some tips:

1. Highlight your knowledge and research skills.

Use professional terminology, talk about current trends in the industry, and demonstrate how well you researched the company and the job before the interview.

Every competent business analyst must have strong research skills. If you can’t demonstrate it at your job interview, why would you expect to get the job?

2. Show off your business analysis portfolio.

Whether it’s a binder or a digital portfolio, this is always a winner! Make sure your examples are done with care and quality.

Download your free BA Professional Portfolio checklist.

3. Draw on a whiteboard (real or virtual).

As business analysts, we draw all the time to explain, articulate, model, and analyze. We draw pictures and diagrams. We doodle and make notes to help move the discussion along.

When you draw a picture during the interview, you will be remembered – as long as your picture made some sense and was relevant to the question you were answering.

4. Illustrate answers with memorable stories.

Prepare stories from your previous experience. Each story can be adapted to answer more than one question. Stories make your answers more believable, and yourself – more memorable.

5. Demonstrate your facilitation skills.

Help the interviewer make the interview smooth and painless. After all, as a business analyst, you should know how to put others at ease and help the conversation flow.

Ask clarifying questions, pay attention to the body language, and present yourself as a confident communicator.

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