“Business Analyst: A Profession and a Mindset” Available on Apple Books

I first published my book “Business Analyst: A Profession and a Mindset” in 2019. However, it wasn’t available on Apple Books (iTunes) until now.

Time to correct the wrong — my apologies to all Apple devotees. It took me a long time, but I finally published it on the Apple platform.

Both English and French (Canadian) versions are available.

In my rather weak defense, Apple Books’ publishing interface is extremely clunky, time-consuming and confusing to navigate. Every price for every market has to be set up individually (for over fifty marketplaces) and it takes enormous patience to get through it. I didn’t expect it from Apple…

This might be a good time for iTunes to focus on self-published authors’ customer experience. For instance, hire a couple of experienced business analysts to recommend much-needed improvements.

Overcoming all stumbling blocks, it’s done, and you can now get my book on Apple Books!

Please share your thoughts!

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