Business Analysis Activities – Video Series

What do business analysts do all day?

Do they sit in meetings and write things down like court stenographers?

Do they follow other people around and ask them many questions, like reporters?

Or do they sit in front of a computer screen, staring at rows of text and numbers?

Of course, all of these taken separately are gross oversimplifications and stereotypes. Yet, as junior analysts come for their first day of work, they may have a very vague idea about what their day will be like.

I wrote about this before in blog articles.

This time I’ve created a series of video shorts to paint the picture of the variety of business analysis activities.

Here are the first ten:

What BAs do: Process Analysis or Why do you need to dive deeper?

What BAs do: Asking Questions Informally

What Business Analysts Do: Planning Business Analysis Activities

What Business Analysts Do: Job Shadowing or Immersion

What BAs Do: Analyze Background Documentation

What BAs Do: Capture Decision Logic

What BAs Do: Dealing With the Parking Lot

What BAs Do: Root Cause Analysis

What BAs Do: Request For Proposals Preparation

What BAs Do: Helping Other Analysts

This is by no means the full range of business analysis – stay tuned for more videos and check out these webinar recordings:

Understand Business Analysis Process (UPDATED)

Business Analysis Outcomes & Deliverables (UPDATED)

Business Analysis Tools & Techniques (UPDATED)

If you want to learn how to do these activities, I have many resources for you.


Business Analysis for Professionals Changing Careers (course)

Job Interview Clinic (with BA Extras) (course)

BA Mindset Mentorship Circle (weekly mentorship meetups)


More videos

Contact Yulia for business analysis consulting options or explore these one-day corporate training programs.

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