What Every Analyst, Manager and Leader Should Know About Data and Analytics – Webinar and Course Preview

Are you interested in joining my upcoming webinar “What Every Analyst, Manager and Leader Should Know About Data and Analytics”?

It will cover:

  • Types and sources of data in enterprises
  • Where to get data requirements 
  • What exactly are analytics requirements and who is responsible for them
  • Why analytics and data science projects fail

I’m running a survey to select the best time for the webinar. 

➡️ If you are interested in attending, please answer the survey questions.

In the survey you can also request a discount for my soon-to-be-released course “Data Management & Analytics Fundamentals”. 

The course covers:

1. What’s the big deal about data? 
2. Types of data
3. Managing data in enterprise initiatives
4. Data life cycle requirements
5. Using data for business analysis
6. Types and methods of business analytics
7. Requirements for analytics and AI projects

In the course, you will learn how to categorize data, create data dictionaries, data models, data mapping, and scenario matrices, how to support data governance, capture analytics requirements, and avoid common data challenges.

The webinar will give you a taste of what’s included in the course and will give you an opportunity to get your burning questions answered.

➡️ Answer these survey questions to help me plan the best time, and get notified about the webinar.


  1. Absolutely intrigued by your upcoming webinar on data and analytics! The outlined topics, survey, and course details are enticing. Can’t wait to dive in and explore further!

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