Why Change Channel Reaches 100 Videos

Today on October 24, 2023, I proudly published my 100th video on the Why Change channel. Who knew I would get here? I certainly wasn’t sure when I started my channel.

Making videos takes an effort. Creating learning videos is much harder as you have to constantly think of your audience and what they need, what they come back to your channel for.

Every video I’m making requires preparation and sometimes sits in a pipeline for a while as I’m thinking what approach would be the best. It still amazes me sometimes how it works out in the end. Filming and editing is exhilarating but tiring, do you find this as well?

Let me know what you think.

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What’s new on the channel? I’ve added two new playlists:

5 Minute Explainers — watch this: System vs. Solution: What’s the Difference?

BA Excellence — watch this: BA Insights: 25 Key Business Analysis Lessons From 25 Years of Experience

Here is the latest video that became #100:

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