New Course: Data Management & Analytics Fundamentals

Register for my new video course “Data Management & Analytics Fundamentals” — for business analysts, managers, leaders, and anyone involved with enterprise data. The course includes:

✔️ 7 hours of video lessons
✔️ 25 exercises, templates, and downloads
✔️ My support for the whole year
✔️ 3 free preview lessons

Course sections:
1️⃣ What’s the big deal about data?
2️⃣ Types of data
3️⃣ Managing data in enterprise initiatives
4️⃣ Data life cycle requirements
5️⃣ Using data for business analysis
6️⃣ Types and methods of business analytics
7️⃣ Requirements for analytics and AI projects

You will learn how to:
💭 Categorize data
💭 Create data dictionaries
💭 Draw data models
💭 Define data mapping
💭 Analyze scenario matrices
💭 Support data governance
💭 Capture analytics requirements
💭 Avoid common data challenges

Explore these three free preview lessons you can access from the course page:

  • Why should we learn about data?
  • Projects with significant data components and the role of a business analyst
  • Data life cycle

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Register for the course “Data Management & Analytics Fundamentals

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