Data & Analytics Requirements: How, When, Where, and Why

What every analyst, manager and leader needs to know about data and analytics?

This was the topic of my latest webinar which is now available as a video on the Why Change YouTube channel.

⚡️ How we can use data insights?

⚡️ What are the types and sources of data and why do they need to be handled differently?

⚡️ How we can do better business analysis with data?

⚡️ Where to find data requirements?

⚡️ Who needs to be involved in data governance and why?

⚡️ How do we get to smart analytics requirements?

If you missed the webinar, check out the recording.

For more, enroll in my new video course Data Management & Analytics Fundamentals (7 hours of lessons, 25 templates and handouts + 1 year of my support).

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