Shared Understanding Tip #4: Share As You Go, Requirements Are Not a Secret

Requirements are not a secret - cartoor

Achieving a shared understanding of requirements is a process, not an event. Business requirements are just a format for capturing shared understanding of the problem and required solution.

So, requirements are not a secret that needs to be kept from the stakeholders until some supposed “readiness to review”. You are not writing a novel where you want to keep the plot to yourself until the mystery can be revealed. You are capturing problem analysis and root cause, process flows, conclusions drawn from the data, and models to support this understanding.

If you want quality analysis – share and validate as you go.

If you want to full cooperation from your stakeholders – do not keep them in the dark.

Share draft requirements, draft models, draft scenario matrices, draft hierarchy of themes and user stories.

Keep reviewing, updating and improving – and keep sharing.

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