Business Analyst Mindset – the Twelve Principles

After publishing a series of blog posts, here is the summary – the twelve principles of the business analyst mindset.

Which one speaks to you most?

  1. Focus on business – calibrate solutions to business goals
  2. Solve the right problem
  3. Question everything
  4. Lead and facilitate
  5. Analysis before synthesis; information before requirements
  6. Uncover gaps – do not cover them up
  7. Simplify until nothing can be removed
  8. Take responsibility for shared understanding of business requirements
  9. Accept and embrace business change
  10. Be part of the solution
  11. Expect human behavior from human beings
  12. Learn, adapt and thrive

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  1. Hello from Texas Yulia! Absolutely enjoyed reading your blog. Very informative. Couldn’t resist subscribing as well.
    Calgary, Alberta was home before moving to Texas 🙂 Good to get connected.

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